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Track & Rail Systems

At ASH Construction Group, our expertise extend across the full spectrum of Railway Construction, renewal, and replacement techniques. With extensive experience, our teams have excelled on various railway environments, including high-speed main Network Rail lines, Light Railways like the DLR, London Overground commuter routes, freight lines, depots, sidings, and even private Heritage locations. We aim to provide excellence through our Track & Rail System services through our strong team that lead and oversee all projects, with expansive knowledge. Our employees undertake the responsibility to support our clients throughout each project's entirety, and certify that the work is at the highest standard. We have a proven ability to target our projects successfully, shown through our vast portfolio of DLR, Overground and freight line projects, completed throughout our experience. 


Our commitment extends to all facets of Rail Projects, from essential maintenance to the most advanced and intricate mechanized on/off track construction. We take pride in our dedication to delivering excellence in railway construction and ensuring the utmost quality and efficiency in every project we undertake. We approach all Track & Rail System projects strategically and with precision, to ensure that our work is completed to the highest standard with an attention to detail, and we achieve this by appointing our three main focuses of safety, sustainability and quality to produce accurate results, as a standard for all of our work. 

Permanent Way 



  • Plain line
  • Switches and crossings
  • Track slab construction
  • Level crossing renewals
  • Track realignment schemes
  • Switching and crossing remodeling
  • Re-sleepering/re-timbering
  • Rail Transposition & Re-railing
  • Component overhaul
  • Wet Bed Remediation
  • IBJ Installation and Recovery
  • Stressing & Tamping
  • Track Monitoring
  • Track Hand backs approved by Network Rail & DLR



We also offer  -


Conductor Rail Electric Track Equipment (ETE/ETM) 


  • Installations/Renewals/Maintenance
  • ETE Cable and Equipment Installation
  • DC Lug Replacement
  • Negative Bonding
  • Conductor rail shrouding.
  • Conductor Rail Guard boarding.
  • Installation of new and reinstatement of insulators


Slab Track



  • Track Installation and Maintenance
  • Holding down anchor bolt replacement and maintenance
  • Diamond drilling and over-coring anchors
  • Resin and mechanical fixing of new anchors 
  • Base plate grouting
  • Pull out testing
  • Full Slab track renewal of S&C, Plain Line and expansion Joints 


For more information on some of our Track & Rail System experience and examples, visit the 'case studies' page.

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Rail transposition & re-railing
  • Spot re-Sleepering
  • Track reconditioning and refurbishment
  • Wet bed remediation
  • Points and crossings
  • UTX installation
  • Stressing & tamping
  • Track hand back engineers
  • Slab track