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What We Do - Civils Section

With over 25 years of experience in delivering Civils projects for large contractors and developers. We can provide a service focusing on added value and innovation utilising techniques to minimise excess waste and lower costs. We have our own, multi-skilled workforce assisted by an experienced, robust project management team.

Our services include:



New Projects 

We can help you select high-quality, competitively priced masonry materials and we are experts in commercial masonry and residential masonry construction

Full Brickwork construction packages including -

Producing a full Bill of Quantities from Design Drawings
Production of a detailed estimates to supply materials, tools, equipment and build costs
Brickwork & Masonry for New structures & Building Extensions
Retaining walls
Masonry demolition and removal
Bridge abutments
Commercial, industrial and residential developments 
Railway Brickwork with Sentinel Trained Staff 

Structural Brickwork repairs 

Structural issues can also cause varying degrees of masonry damage. Common structural issues include settlement of buildings due to poor foundations, failed lintels, or unsupported masonry arches over windows and openings.

We have years of experience with masonry repair work, including:

·         Brick and Foundation Repairs

·         Re-Casing of Defective Brickwork in Tunnel Linings and arches

·         Re-Casing Vertical Walls

·         Stitching of Radial Cracks in Brickwork and strengthening works

·         Spot Replacement of Bricks

·         Chimney repairs
Replacement of lintels

Civil Engineering & Building works

We supply build, supervise, operate, construct and maintain infrastructure projects in the public and private sector, including buildings, bridges, and drainage systems, reinforced concrete structures and groundworks.  Our team meticulously plan and strictly control the highest standards of health and safety on our sites which can range from substations & schools to industrial units and earthworks.

Our team also have vast experience in refurbishing and repairing structures such as industrial painting, high pressure steel jet blasting, timber and roofing repairs 

Our Services

•         Reinforced Concrete and Foundations

•         Ground and Earthworks

•         Ducting and Drainage 

•         Fencing, 

•         Walkways 

•         Building repairs and refurbishment 

•         ICATS Industrial water blasting to remove paint and prepare steel surfaces

•         ICATS Industrial Painting 

•         Roofing and timber repairs 


Diamond Drilling 


Diamond drilling and sawing is a construction industry trade which is undertaken by our  specialist team. Work is typically carried out on existing concrete and masonry structures that require conversion, repair or refurbishment. The range of techniques employed falls into three main categories.


•          Diamond drilling using core drill bits and drilling machines to form holes.

•          Diamond sawing using circular, chain and wire cutting equipment to operate hand  tools, pulley driven tools, track mounted and self-propelled floor saws.

•          Associated tasks such as bursting, crushing and thermal lancing.


Typical tasks undertaken include the following.


•          Precise sawing including ring, chain and Track-sawing

•          Small diameter drilling for anchor fixing • Bolt replacement and refurbishment

•          Core/pull out testing

•          Angled & inverted drilling

•          Drilling depths up to 4m

•          Drilling for hole diameters up to 500mm

•          Stitch drilling methods are applied for large openings



  • Drainage
  • Brickwork repairs and new builds
  • Tunnel repair and refurbishment
  • Walkways
  • Formwork and foundations
  • Ductwork excavation & installation
  • GRP installations
  • Surveying
  • Precise sawing including ring, chain and Tracksawing
  • Small diameter drilling for anchor fixing
  • Bolt replacement and refurbishment
  • Core/pull out testing
  • Angled & inverted drilling
  • Drilling depths up to 4m
  • Drilling for hole diameters up to 500mm
  • Stitch drilling methods are applied for large openings