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Our Focus

ASH Construction Group Ltd has development an Integrated Rail Management System (RMS) to provide a framework to manage Health and Safety, Environmental issues, Quality and Sustainability in the business. This system is fully compliant with, and certified to, RISQS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

Quality Sustainability Safety


ASH Construction Group Ltd are proud of its excellent Health and Safety record. We believe in the principle that safety and performance go hand in hand. Safety is everyone's responsibility and continues to be our number 1 priority.

We encourage a safe working culture where we:

  • Lead by example and speak up about conditions that are not safe
  • Contact our management team for support
  • Stop work to reassess the situation and propose safer solutions
  • Challenge each other when we feel something isn't right

These safety behaviours are underpinned by our core values in a supportive, honest and fair culture, ingrained at every level within our business.

Our absolute commitment to safety shows through management leadership and the positive behavioural safety attitudes demonstrated by our people, showing that safety is integral to everything that we do.

Our health & safety management system is accredited to ISO 45001 standard and by RISQS.

Sustainability & Environment

Added Value is our approach to managing our economic, environmental and social impacts as almost everything we do has an impact on the environment.

Sustainability simply has to be a major focus for ASH CG because in construction we can have a lasting effect on the world in which we live.

ASH recognise the impact we have on the local economy and on those communities and as a forward-thinking organisation we are increasingly setting the bar higher by:

  • Being acutely aware of our impact upon the environment we act to minimize any negative effects of our activity and always seek to make full use of sustainable materials and methods
  • Striving to recycle all of our construction waste and we have established facilities at our offices to separate waste materials for recycling in accordance with our Environmental Management Systems
  • We are committed to the communities which provide our direct workforce. Whether it's clearing vegetation during project groundworks, or purchasing a new vehicle,the decisions we make have a wide range of impacts on the environment

Accredited to ISO 14001 and having launched our 25 by 25 strategy, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2025


ASH Construction Group is a quality driven organisation with a corporate mission to provide innovative services and Customer Focus in the Rail & construction industry.

Quality and continuous improvement in all area sof service are central to our company ethos which is reflected in all operational areas.

ASH are accredited to ISO 9001 and ensure that our objectives are embedded within our company culture and business plans across our management team.

Our policy is to provide a level of service andfocus that exceeds our customers' expectations and delivers complete customer satisfaction ensuring we follow precise standards and methodologies to deliver our work.