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Mental Health Awareness

Image representing Mental Health Awareness from ASH Construction Group Ltd

Over the last week our Safety and Compliance manager John Elliott has visited each of the ASH Construction Group Ltd offices across the country to present an interactive training session on Building Mental Health.
Discussing the importance of understanding Mental Health and creating positive/safe environments in which people can improve their Mental Health and support others, is important to ASH Construction Group.
Mental Health is an important topic in any environment, but especially in the Construction industry where we are seeing significant rises in the numbers of individuals with diagnosed conditions or struggling due to the demanding nature of the industry.
Mental Health can be difficult to discuss in an open forum style session, yet we have been overwhelmingly proud of and impressed by every team/individual within ASH for their thoughtful and often insightful participation with these sessions.
We would also like to thank Matthew Witts from Head in the Game for coming and participating in one of our sessions with the Manston team, your knowledge and insight was greatly appreciated. We hope that ASH can arrange to work with Head in the Game in the future to continue to promote positive Mental Health conversations and support methods.
Thank you all.
"Safety Keeps Us All On Track.”

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