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CASE STUDY: Core Valley Lines Caerphilly

Core Valley Lines Caerphilly


Project Name: Core Valley Lines – Thornhill to Caerphilly North Tunnel LSI (Line Speed Improvements)

Client: Transport for Wales/Balfour Beatty 

Duration: December 2023


Description of service: Tamping scheme to be implemented for Line Speed Improvements on the Up & Down Rhymney between Thornhill to Caerphilly North Tunnel as part of the Core Valley Lines Transformation Project. 


Due to the hot weather in the summer the LSI works will be staged to ensure any track with big horizontal & vertical movements is carried out at the end of the warmer months to prevent any track buckles where the SFT is low and CRT values can be reached in the warmer months. 


All works delivered with Engineering Trains and Tampers, planned works are as follows:


·       Design Validation Surveys & Setting Out prior to Delivery

·       Walk-outs with client to establish condition of track.

·       2.2km Design Tamping on the Up Rhymney.

·       2.2km Design Tamping on the Down Rhymney.

·       2.2km of Geometry Plate to be installed.

·       247x Datum Plates.

·       Stone drops using Engineering Trains & Tonne Bags with RRV’s.

·       Ballast Regulating. 


Core Valley Lines Caerphilly Cover Photo - ASH Construction Group Ltd